Power innovation and speed up your time to market

From the cars we drive to the electronics we own, product engineering requires powerful design and simulation environments to accelerate innovation and take their concepts all the way to production. Due to the accelerating pace of innovation, large amounts of data and the increasing complexity of today's engineering challenges, high-performance computing has become indispensable in powering the simulation-driven design processes of modern enterprises.

Multiphysics simulations

Data-intensive Multiphysics simulations and Finite Element analysis

Complex multivariate design queries

Collaboration with joint development partners and multiregional development centers

Predictive virtual testing

Real-time simulations and virtual testing across multiple vulnerability events

Product Engineering on the Scala Compute Platform

Scala Computing delivers on-demand access to the hyper-scalable HPC infrastructure that engineers and developers need to drive innovation, accelerate product development cycles and solve today’s complex engineering challenges.

Agile, on-demand

Agile, on-demand access to hyper-scalable HPC capacity and performance

simulation software

Ready access to industry leading open-source and commercial applications

flexible OpEx model

Replace the high capital and DevOps expenses of in-house HPC with a cost-effective OpEx model

Accelerated innovation

Accelerated innovation and time-to-market