Enabling robust decision making and reducing time to insight

Environment management organizations are under significant pressure to develop effective and innovative strategies to meet the evolving challenges of a rapidly changing climate. This requires rigorous, scientifically tested, analytical insights obtained through massively complex simulations that can take days to complete. These long times to insight can negatively impact the quality and speed of strategy deliberations and prevent critical decisions from being made when they are needed most.

Rigorous stress-testing

Rigorous stress-testing of different strategy portfolios across multiple scenarios and assumptions

Complex simulation models

Complex simulation models across different functions such as tides and water quality

makers and stakeholders

Reduce time to insights for rapid and improved decision making across policy makers and stakeholders

Environment Management on the Scala Compute Platform

Scala Computing enables environment and resource management organizations to leverage the power of high performance computing and achieve the rapid insights they need to drive robust, quantitative decision making.

Rapid time-to-insight

Reduce time-to-insight, cutting model run times

simulation and modeling applications

Support for a wide range of simulation and modeling applications

on-premise infrastructure

Leverage HPC without the need to invest in on-premise infrastructure

Enable rapid and transparent

Enable rapid, data-driven decision making



across all simulation models


The New York City Dept. of Environmental Protection uses the Scala Compute Platform for some of its mission critical business functions such as water quality modelling for New York City. With the Scala Compute Platform, NYC DEP has been able to cut runtimes for their model in addition to being able to save significant dollars by utilizing our on-demand platform rather than invest in on-premise equipment.