Scala Computing offers secure HPC on the cloud

In the emerging on-demand high-performance computing on the cloud, security considerations are integral to any deployment and operation.

Scala Computing delivers robust security for our clients' data at all times: from security on the servers, storage, and networks, across all their data, jobs, and input/output to the system.

Scala Computing supports the encryption of client data at rest using managed keys, and in transit using Transport Layer Security (TLS). We maintain login audits to track user access.

Every customer's HPC clusters and file system remain isolated, and the network access to the tenant’s cluster is completely independent from other tenants. We configure file systems for each client that establishes a secure firewall allowing authorized access.

Moreover, each tenant has an individual login node. This single-entry point to their environment is proactively monitored to minimize tampering and unauthorized access attempts.

Scala Computing is on track to launch ISO27001 certified operations and ITIL processes in all its operations workflows, allowing us to standardize configurations for users and ourselves. Scala Computing actively monitors configuration, of running machines/clusters/nodes and notifies users if they have made a change that risks security.

Scala Computing will work with users to adopt numerous security measures including Data Anonymization / Data masking and encryption options to handle data in transit. We can deliver a highly customized security framework, unique to each customer's needs, and establish the best practices required to maintain those standards.