On-demand, hyper-scalable HPC for complex and time-sensitive forecasting

Climate change researchers and weather forecasting organizations depend on highly complex models and simulations built on rapidly growing data sets. As the demand for longer term forecasts increases, organizations require a high-performance computing (HPC) solution capable of delivering performance and capacity they need to keep pace with ever-shortening delivery schedules.


Computationally demanding simulations and models that execute on high volume and high velocity data

sensitive delivery times

Zero setup time for heavy workloads with extremely time sensitive delivery times

availability guarantees

Robust 24x7x365 operations that demand maximum availability

Weather & Climate Modeling on the Scala Compute Platform

Scala Computing provides climate researchers and weather organizations with on-demand access to HPC resources that readily scale to match the increasing complexity and tight delivery expectations of their forecasting models.

capacity requirements

On-demand access to HPC resources that scales to meet performance and capacity requirements

application throughput

Increase application throughput and shorten simulation run times for accelerated time-to-results

HPC capacity

Reliable availability with intelligent and optimized sourcing of cloud-based HPC resources

HPC resources

Reduce or eliminate the need for additional on-premise HPC resources